Excellent news for our campground!! Monroe was selected as one of those communities and will receive $5 million to acquire property along Elm St., Winchester St., Front St. and First St. as part of the River Raisin Heritage Corridor East master plan. This will beatuify the area surrounding our Marina and campground even more!!  Read the full article HERE.
LATITUDE 41.54.1 LONGITUDE 83.21.6

The River Raisin Marina & Campground is ideally located on the north side of the Port of Monroe Turning Basin, on the River Raisin in Monroe, MI. This location allows for deep water access (22 feet) into Lake Erie from the well protected waters of the River Raisin. The Marina & Campground is owned and operated by John and Veronica. They originally purchased the land for the River Raisin Marina while looking for a deep water location for their 50 foot sail boat. Having over thirty years and 100,000 miles of sailing experience, they felt this was the ideal location for large and small sail boats.

They purchased their 50' sail boat in 1987 and spent 5 years sailing throughout the South Pacific. Their sailing took them to Australia, Tahiti, the Philippines, Hawaii, and many of the exotic islands scattered around the Pacific Ocean. When it was time to return to the United States, John single handedly sailed this boat from Japan to Santa Barbara, CA. The River Raisin Marina has 50 deep water wells. There is also a launch ramp this plenty of parking for cars and trailers. The Marina & Campground boasts 28 acres of park-like setting for boat owners and campers to enjoy. Located just east of I-75, exit 14, at 2502 East Elm Ave, the Marina is ideally located for minimal driving and maximum boating.


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Having Fun

On the Beach
having-funThe River Raisin Marina & Camp- ground has a parklike setting. Take a Kayak/ Canoe ride via Mason Run to an adjacent Wilderness Park with it's magnificent Lotus Ponds and Abundant Wildlife over 10 square miles. Spot: Deer, Foxes, Geese, Swans, Beavers, Muskrats, Turtles, The Blue/Grey and White Heron's, Owls, Hawks, Woodpeckers, and more ... Plus! Meet our Residents for life the 'Bald Eagles' Henry and Clara and their young



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